What if your smartphone could not drop anymore?
Check it out!!

Watch what is able to do Antigravity Case

Your smartphone won’t be the same anymore


But, How is possible defeat the gravity?

The Nano-Aspiration that works on your smartphone

Nano-Aspiration Technology

Imagine millions of tiny suckers on the back of your cover that make your smartphone sticking on all the surfaces.. definitely like SPIDERMAN’s hands.

Anti-Gravity Case is perfect to have your hand free while you are taking a selfie, recording videos, having skipe calls with your friends, doing live streaming on Facebook, training at the gym and more and more!

Anti-Gravity Case has elevated borders to keep your screen safe and the border are also made in TPU for a better grip and to protect your phone.


be careful with imitations, they last less than a week

Why should do you have a AntiGravity Case?

  • To avoid that your phone drops, smashing the screen

  • To take astonishing selfies without stick wherever you like

  • For its incredible self-regenerating Nano Suckers with illimitate use

  • More safety for your smartphone

  • For its proprieties to resist at the elevate temperatures

  • Because it will help you to do more things in the same time, like watching a football game on tv meanwhile you are shaving, making up with your favorite tutorial before an amazing night or even watch how to make your favorite dish on youtube meanwhile you cook

More than 1500 people have already chosen the cover that doesn’t know gravity

and they are using it everyday to make them life extremely easier

Here they send to us some feedback

“It definitely make my day and save my time”
Marina O.

“I use it to do my live streaming on Facebook without using any other support. It’s just AMAZING!”
Andrea B.

“I not believed to my eyes buy my iPhone stay stick on any surface. These nano suckers are incredible. I bought one for my girlfriend as well, everybody should have one”
Andrea Z.

“My make up is definitely better since I have AntiGravity with me as my assistant”
Luisa A.

“During my training I am used to stick it on the mirror at the gym to check rest time and reps, is fantastic!! Not anymore dust on my smartphone!”
Luca O.

“I received it really quickly and with its original packaging. Days before I bought another one a bit cheaper but I threw it away as soon I received the AntiGravity, it’s definitely the best cover I ever had”
Matteo M.

How much the nano technology costs?

The Nano-Technology is really recent and usually really expensive as well.

The nano-technology is usually used on the car’s body to give them more protection and brightness in order to make them last longer.

Usually 750ml of this product cost even more than £100 but the result at the end is priceless. However our super Cover it’s not so expensive and it’s not available only for wealthy people.

Today you have the great opportunity to have this amazing cover for an incredible price, but be careful, this special price wont be the same for ever, the quantity is unfortunately limited.

Don’t waste more time and chose your AntiGravity Case Now

39,90 €

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